Thursday, February 20, 2014

Link up for writing conference

a blog I follow is hosting a writing conference which is very helpful, causing me to really think. check it out here this Blog is really amazing! So if you love writing go check her blog out. You won't be disappointed.    

1. Do you think it's more important to listen to your characters or to follow the idea of the book as originally conceived? I think it is more important to listen to your characters. They may have a whole different and better plot than you thought of.

2. If you could pick a fictional man to become alive and marry you who would you pick? {note: this is not asking whom you consider the greatest hero but whom you would be the most comfortable spending the rest of your life with} Mr. Tilney from Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen

3.  What is your favorite protagonist and antagonist pair? That is too hard. I can't pick. sorry! :)

4. If you had to do without one of the following in your story which would it be?
 A. The Dark Moment when the hero is at rock bottom and can't do anything
 B. The Moment of Decision when the hero makes an actual goal and starts following it{leading thereby to the story itself}
C. The Resolution the reconciliation of the hero with his or her inner struggles and outer struggles
Probably A. But i could change my mind when i start writing :)

5. In modern fiction which genre do you think shows the most tendency toward good character development? I don't really know cause i don't really read modern fiction. I'll have to read some and get back with you

6. Have you ever "fallen for" the villain? {Note I do not mean thought he was a good gut but rather WISHED  he was the good guy and rooted for him} Many many times

7. Do you prefer writing about your protagonist or side characters? Protagonist. Although i LOVE writing about my side characters 

8. What do you think is the most cliched and overdone character in fiction? I really don't know. Man, i am pretty bad at this :)

9. Which do you think is more important, making your reader feel or making him think? Both. I love making them feel the pain, the joy, the helplessness and the hope that the character is feeling but i like to make them think as well.

10.  And lastly what do you think are three most important elements to being a hero? Loyalty, bravery, courage to do what's right in every situation. 

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