Friday, February 21, 2014

To Save A Life (2010)

Tonight I watched "To Save A Life", a movie which I have wanted to see since I saw the trailer all those years ago. My dad saw it and liked it but wanted my sister and I to wait and be a little older before we watched it. My library got this movie and I checked it out, excited that I would finally be able to see this movie. 

To Save a Life is a powerful Christian film about suicide, faith, and the power of one person to make a difference in the lives of many. Set in an urban high school where the jocks are high on the popularity scale and partying is commonplace, the film opens with several striking segments that include a surprisingly uncensored look at a teen culture ripe with underage drinking, bullying, and sexuality. Jake (Randy Wayne) is a popular basketball player who's at the heart of every party, but when he witnesses a childhood friend commit suicide in the halls of their school, he begins to reflect upon how he treated his friend in recent years. As he starts to grapple with his own sense of right versus wrong and struggles to define what his duty toward others might be, he meets a youth pastor who intrigues him despite his own disinterest in religion. As Jake's relationships with his parents and his girlfriend Amy become increasingly tumultuous and confusing, Pastor Chris (Joshua Weigel) serves as someone he can talk to, and his weekly youth group becomes a safe place where he can be himself without the fear of being judged. With Chris's help, Jake sets out on a journey of transformation and personal growth that will reveal God's unconditional love and Jake's power to make a difference in the lives of others. (

I have always wanted to help those who are suicidal and depressed. And not just those. Anyone who feels unwanted, unloved, alone and just needs help. This movie has encouraged me even more, showing that one person can change everyone's lives, by standing up for what is right and not caring what people think of them. With God's help I have been able to help several people who needed a friend, someone to talk to and someone to tell them that they're not alone and that God loves them very much. This movie has motivated me even more and I encourage you to watch it. It is a little graphic, with party scenes, some cussing, and some sexuality. So I would advise people 14 and younger to wait until they are older or to watch it with their parents. It is an amazing movie showing God's never ending love and forgiveness. 


  1. Looks like a good movie :)

    I'm curious... Is that Tom Hiddleston in the blog header?

    1. It is a good movie! Yes, that is Tom Hiddleston, :) that's from the movie Henry V. i really want to watch it, heard it's super good. Plus it is Shakespeare!