Monday, March 31, 2014

Last Month, the month before and any month I feel like posting picture from :)

 So this is part 2! I am going back to January because I have some awesome memories and pictures to share with all of you! :)

My Niece, Tirzah, and I in Jan :)

I got to spend a couple days with my brother, Zach, his wife, Amy and their son, Asher in January
Poor Ella the cat...there's no where to hide

watching an educational video while I did school 

went to the mall while mommy went shopping and found his twin :)

I love him soooo much! 

Snapped this picture of our horse, Jewel, when it snowed in Jan.

Went sledding with the family and my sister snapped this shot of me! 

Our God is amazing and so talented

My nephew, Gideon and I earlier this month! 

If you have not tried Biscoff, you have not lived....try it! Get the crunchy kind though, not the creamy

At my sister, Maddie's bridal shower. Left to right: Me, Miriam, Leah and Sundari

Leah did my hair... I wish I could do this!!!

Make way for Princess Tirzah! 

My brother Benji played the scarecrow in The Wizard of Oz play a couple of weeks ago

I love it when people do amazing hair styles with my hair! 

My best friend stole my phone and took pictures of her with my sister, and friends... I love her! 

Kory and Miriam

Miriam and I out to eat with the family to celebrate my dad and Benji's birthdays! 

The Birthday Boys

 I fell asleep outside and Kory took pictures :)

Me and my siblings 

Ruthie, Me and Benji on the last night of their two plays, "The Glass Slipper" and "The Wizard of Oz"

Ruthie played a Munchkin and a China Princess. She did really good 


  1. What fun! I was just in a wedding this past weekend too, and the hairstylist had a great deal of fun playing with my hair :-)

    And I love the name Tirzah. Is it inspired by the movie/book Ben-Hur, by chance?

    And BTW, I nominated you for the Beautiful Blog Award -- read this post of mine for details :-)

    1. Actually i don't think so, My sister found it in the Bible and loved it. But I'll ask her! :) Aw thanks! I will answer those questions asap! thanks!