Saturday, March 15, 2014

My Favorite Blogs!!!!

As you might have seen on the right side of my blog I have a list of my favorite blogs. I have many more favorites but these are my top 8.

First one on the list is the "Elegance of Fashion" blog.
(I love this banner!)

The reason (Or reasons I should say :)) I love her blog is not only is it clean and family friendly but she is just like me! We both love Jane Austen, Period Dramas, and our favorite era is the Regency Era! She posts books, movies, TV series reviews,and  sewing projects she is working on (she is extremely talented). She recreates Regency styled costumes (Pride and prejudice, Downton Abbey clothes), Dog jackets, a Kimono, and a Colonial Dress, plus more. If you are not impressed by just reading that list then you need help! :) She is very sweet and give honest reviews, if there is something inappropriate she will tell you. I enjoy reading her blog and encourage you to check it out! The Link is Here! (Click the "HERE")

My Second blog on the list is "Half a Heart" which is written by my friend, Miss Sarah Vincent! 
(Beautiful Banner right?!)
I will admit that I discovered her blog only two nights ago but the reason it is on my favorites list is because what she writes speaks to me. She is sharing from her pain to encourage others and she has encouraged me so much in just the past two days. So whether you are hurting or not go check out her blog. She shares what God has shown her which is amazing! Sarah is a beautiful young lady who I have grown to admire, respect and love as a sister in Christ. Her blog is helping me to heal my broken heart and move on with God's help. So Click Here!!!

Third on the list is "Hamlette's Soliloquy"! 
(Simple but pure awesomeness!) 
I discovered this blog last month I believe when I entered her Scarlet Pimpernel movie giveaway (Which I won). I immediately fell in love with blog and started to follow her and annoy her with comment after comment which she took time to answer EVERY SINGLE ONE. How awesome is that?! She does movie, TV show reviews from a Christian perspective which is always nice and refreshing. She hosts contests, answers tags so you get to know her :) To put it plainly? SHE IS AMAZING! Go check her blog out Here!!!

Fourth on the list is...."Laughing With Lizzie"!
(This is how she signs all her posts and I LOVE it!)
I can't remember when I first found this blog but I've been following her for over a year I believe. :) She is a huge Lizzy Darcy fan (Lizzy from Pride and Prejudice) which is great since I LOVE Pride and Prejudice and am a lot like Lizzy. She posts all about Pride and Prejudice which is simply amazing. She reads books based off Pride and Prejudice and does reviews on them. I have found many that she recommended and I plan on buying or reading them. She is a sweet girl who makes my day better whenever she posts. So if you love Pride and Prejudice, then go check out her blog Here!

Fifth in the list is... "Old-Fashioned Charm"
(So Pretty! That is totally me on the grass ;))
I have followed this blog for a LONG time and love even more than I did when I first started following. Miss Laurie (Her blog name) posts many fun things! Common themes in her posts are Jane Austen, period film reviews, book reviews, old-fashioned art and music, period drama actors, Regency and Victorian History. She holds contests, games, has guest posts which are fun, and makes banners for her blog which you can use. She is a young Christian woman who is very sweet and fun and I encourage all those who love Period drama books or movies to check out her blog Here!

Sixth on the list is, "Sink Me!"
(This is one of their posts)
I have followed this blog since the day it started and still love it! The name "Sink Me!" is from Sir Percival Blakeney from the Scarlet Pimpernel. What they post are pictures or videos of hysterical content. All is clean and family friendly. They mix and match movies with other movie quotes. For example,
(They Put A Night at the Museum quote with The Princess Bride!)
They are hysterical and I look forward to them posting! Go check them out Here!

Seventh on the list is "The P&P95Forever Club"!
(I Love their banner so much!!!!) 
I have followed this blog forever. They post anything about the 1995 Pride and Prejudice which is the only good version. The 2005 Version with Kiera Knightley, although good, is no where NEAR as good or accurate as the 1995 version...but I will save all that for a different post :) They do games and trivia's based off the 1995 version which is a lot of fun. They post pictures of P&P, and fun facts. So if you love the 1995 P&P then you need to follow this blog. You will not be disappointed at all!  Check it out Here!

Eighth but certainly not least on my favorite blog list is........ "Yet Another Period Drama Blog" (Can you tell I love period dramas? :)) 
(Love this Blog button because that is one of my favorite Period dramas!)
I have also followed this blog for a very long time and will continue to! Why? Because the blog owner, Miss Amy, is so awesome! She posts about anything really! Movie reviews, book reviews, funny posts, she posts pictures and videos, does fun facts, tells us through her posts what she likes! I just love her blog because you never know what she will post next. It could be her view on a certain character that she likes or dislikes and she gives her honest opinion. I just love her blog. So go check it out Here!!

Well that it! Those are my top 8 blogs that I follow and why. Please take the time to check them out and enjoy!


  1. I'm honored! And so glad you enjoy my blogs :-) It's been so fun getting to know you through your comments!

    BTW, my user icon actually comes from the way they wrote the title for the 1960s version of Hamlet starring Richard Burton, which is one of my faves. You can see the original here -- I cut and pasted the letters to make the extra 't' and 'e.' :-D

    1. I've always wanted to see that Hamlet! Now I'll have too :)

    2. It's quite good -- but kind of unusual. They staged it on a pretty bare stage, and everyone wore ordinary clothes, like it was a final rehearsal between the dress rehearsal and opening night. Really makes you focus on the words and not any external trappings. Burton is brilliant, of course.

      Sadly, it's getting hard to find -- I bought the DVD years ago for like $20, but now they're going for around $100. Still, if you have a good library system you might be able to find it via interlibrary loan or something. It's definitely worth a watch!

    3. But that is when you know they are true actors, if they can do that with ordinary clothes and a bare stage and make it amazing....they are true actors :) I was in A Midsummers Night Dream last fall as we didn't have many props at all and a lot of us wore ordinary clothes and it was one of the best performances we had ever done!

    4. Oh yes, it's a great device. Sir John Gielgud directed the Burton production (the film is a recording of the Broadway production made over several nights and then edited together and shown on movie screens across the country), and since Gielgud himself played Hamlet in multiple productions over several decades (and might still hold the record for most performances in the role on Broadway? I forget), you know the entire thing is amazing. There's actually a really cool book about the production called "John Gielgud Directs Richard Burton in Hamlet" (by Richard L. Sterne, I think) that is transcribed audio recordings of the rehearsals. You can get used copies pretty inexpensively at places like Amazon or AbeBooks (much cheaper than the film now), and it is such a fascinating read! To me as a Hamlet afficianado, anyway -- but to you as an actor who has done Shakespeare, it would probably be fascinating too! So just thought I'd throw that out there.

    5. That's so cool!! I will definitely look into that and look for that book. It sounds so cool! Thanks!

  2. Aww, Lydia! Thanks so much for your sweet words. *hugs* I'm so glad that using my hurt to write something beautiful is helping others as well. :)
    Thanks for sharing, girl! <3

    1. Anytime Sarah! I meant every word. I've been through some stuff the past three years so I know a lot about heart break

    2. Thanks Lyd! :) You're too sweet. haha
      Aww. *wrinkles nose* But isn't it great leaving all of that stuff behind you; learning from it and moving on? (Or at least, as much as you can.) :)

    3. it is great..but i am still trying to leave a lot of it behind... :)