Thursday, March 20, 2014

Pictures From the Past!

I was going through my family's photos to find some of me for my graduation and I found so many with good memories attached to them. Then I found some CDs with pictures on them. Some were from 2006 which is a long time ago! So I thought I'd show some of them!

This was at a Twin Lakes. (Back- left to right: Mom, Beth and Johnny. Front Left to right: Me, Miriam,Ruthie, Matthew and Benji is in the very front)

We used to host Civil War dances at my house twice a year, spring and fall. My family would host, people would bring drinks and finger food, we had someone to call the dances (Explain and show how to do the dance) and we would dance from 5 at night until 10 or later :)
Here we have Bethany (Left), Beth Nell (My Sister in the middle) and Maddie (Right, also my sister)

Various people dancing

My oldest sister, Stephanie's hair

Beth Nell's Hair

Yes this is me....I look terrible with short hair. I was 10 or so

Even Little kids would dance!

All the girls in my family! Back Left to right: Maddie, Beth, Stephanie (Holding Ruthie), and mom, Front left to right: Miriam and I. (By the way, my mom made all the dresses we are wearing. Steph and Beth made their own)

My whole family!
Back left to right: Ruthie, Zach, Maddie, Dad, Mom, Stephanie, Beth Nell
Front Left to right: Miriam, Benji, Matthew, Me and Johnny

Thanksgiving in 2006! We would not only have our family at our house for T-day but we would also have 5 or so other family's over. Nowadays we just have our family because its gotten so big!
Me helping with decorations!

My brother Zach would let us help him make turkeys out of oreos, candy corn, whoppers, M&Ms with frosting! 

card name placements! 

Our faithful old dog, Triscuit, who died a couple years ago. Best Dog EVER!

Never let Benji have candy, he gets more hyper....if that's at all possible

My sweet brother, Johnny

Stephanie, the oldest of us 10

Benji looks so cute in this pic! I laugh when I see this! 

Playing the game spoons with our friends and family

Matthew is all tired out! He always was daddy's boy

My oldest brother Zach, always had a way with kids! 

Next up is our family vacation to Outer Banks, NC in 2007!
Zach and his girlfriend (Now wife of 6 years!) Amy Joy. before we leave for the beach

Our cousin Abby came with us that year (Also her older sister, Amy and her husband, Caleb came as well)

Benji acting silly

playing games with the family!

All the older kids went crab hunting some nights

Abby and I!

They turned Bobby into a Mermaid!

Then they turned him into a Turtle

Then Beth and Abby became a two-headed serpent! 

Benji Showing off his muscles, with his shorts pulled up pretty high

My baby sister, Ruthann

Benji and Matthew, only 2 years apart, Best Friends and Brothers for life

Another pair of Best Friends. Best brother/sister friendship I've ever seen

Random pics that I happen to like!

Steph went to a Phantom of the Opera ball one year. Isn't she gorgeous!?
And last but not least, Johnny...playing with his food :)

Well I hope you enjoyed seeing my family as much as I did!


  1. Wow, Lydia! Those are great pictures! And you have some of my kinfolks in there, too. :)

  2. I loved seeing all of these! :D It's always great to go back and look at old pictures. :)
    By the way, I tagged you on my blog! :) xo

    1. Me too! Thank you for tagging me!!!