Sunday, March 30, 2014

Wedding, Birthday, Plays etc... part 1

This month has been quite busy for my family and I. We had My two youngest sibling's plays, birthday party on Friday, things that happened last month and this moth, and a beautiful wedding yesterday.
So..this might not go chronologically because my memory isn't that good :) but oh well!

Drama Practice for "The Mouse That Roared" (MTR)

Rebecca (Left), Me (Middle), and Amanda (Right) at drama practice

After a long drama practice, I went out to eat with my family and got to have a photoshoot with this cutie, my nephew Isaiah) 

Don't you want to just kiss him?! I do! 

 Early this month my friend, Levi, that I have known since I was little left for boot camp for the Air Force in Texas. So to say goodbye my sister, Miriam, brother Matthew, my friend Rebecca, Levi and his brother Jude all went bowling. It was a blast and a good way to say farewell! Good luck Levi! I know you'll do great!
Back left to right: Levi, Rebecca
Bottom, Left to right: Me, Miriam, Jude

Hanging out by Levi's car until our ride came and picked us up

Miriam and I had a photo shoot recently...yeah we're crazy!!!!!! :)

(This was us at bowling)

Got to babysit my other nephew, Asher, this past week! :)

Yesterday, a dear friend of my family got married! The wedding was beautiful! Congrats Michelle and Karl Hertzler!!!!
Michelle's sister, Bethany, a bridesmaid! Beautiful dresses! 

A rose from the wedding cake that I stole from the trashcan :)

They had like 12 bridesmaids and

during the ceremony 

They look so natural together...just like two newlyweds should be... (Bonus points for you if you know what that saying is from...hint: its a song) 

exchanging the rings and vows

The dad giving away his first beautiful

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