Sunday, April 13, 2014

Okay, Last part...I think.....

So this is the last part of me catching up on the past couple of we go!

For Valentines Day I made several of these awesome valentines for my sisters and mom. I found it on Pintrest and it was super easy to figure out how to make them just by looking at the pics :)

I saw that Wives & Daughters was on Netflix so one Friday night I sat down and watched it. It's one of my favorite movies! I love Roger Hamley, He is just so sweet! If you have not seen this movie I suggest you do. It is amazing!
The Proposal Scene in the rain! *Swoon*

So last month my little brother, Benji and little sister, Ruthie were in two plays, "The Wizard of Oz" and "The Glass Slipper"
Benji played the Scarecrow (TWOO), and a courtier (TGS). Ruthie played a munchkin, china princess and a poppy flower (TWOO) and the mouse in TGS.
our little munchkin :)

Benji was so good as the scarecrow :)

All the poppy flowers

The three China Princesses, Ruthie is on the far left

Ruthie was an adorable mouse. She squeaked very well :)

The Cast of The Glass Slipper

I graduate in June with 25 other homeschoolers so we had to have a group picture....I don't like pictures, I like taking them, but I don't really like being in them at all. Plus taking a picture with a big group takes forever...which it did. But I managed to have fun! We went to Hampton Sydney College and took several pictures in different locations.
My life long friend Katie and I are the tallest girls so we're always in the back :)

Kallie and I being photobomed by Katie and Tyler 

Three of the guys got on this ladder and got someone to snap some pics. Then I did the same with two other girls 

Spring is FINALLY here!!!!!

Ruthie turned 10 at the end of March and for her birthday my mom, sister Maddie, and the rest of my younger siblings renovated Ruthie's room. We painted the walls pink, got her a pink comforter set, curtains, a dresser and desk (From Maddie), some organizers to help keep her room clean (Good luck with that :)) This is the finished product...

The day we finished her room was her birthday party. It was Lisa Frank themed, Lisa Frank does coloring books that Ruthie loves! All of her books are brightly colored so basically the theme was bright colors. My mom went all, I want a party like this one!
Matthew and I decorated while mom baked and picked up the kids for the party.
Oh, before I forget, that morning a skunk got under our house and sprayed under it. The whole house STUNK! My mom went out early in the morning nd got candles, air fresheners, anything to help get rid of the smell before the party. It ended up still smelling at the party but not as much as it had in the morning....I can't stand skunks now! :/
Matthew made the streamer curtain 

Miriam made and frosted these cupcakes

The Decorators 

The table, we had jello, skittles, goldfish, dog in a blanket, fruit, veggies, chips, and more. My mom really went all out

All the little girls made headbows for a craft (There were 10 little girls) With help with some adults 
So this is it...for now. Next post is about my sister and her starring role in the play production of "The Mouse That Roared".....

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