Wednesday, May 14, 2014

I am experiencing PDD!!! (aka Post Drama Depression)

Well as you can see from the title of this post I am not that cheerful. My musical "The Music Man" was performed this past weekend and now its over......I am very depressed about that. I have been running all the fun times through my head all day, every day, and that has been helping me with my PDD. Recalling the laughter, jokes, Waverly and Jeremy playing the violin and guitar together during breaks, singing oldies with the group and dancing together has been sad in a way. I know that I can never go back and redo everything we did, but I relive it everyday so it will always stay with me. I never want to forget any of those special memories. I miss hanging out with everyone, but we will be friends for all of time and will always remember "The Music Man" and remember all that we did together......

Ok, enough depressing material, let me share with you some fun memories of this production and some awesome photos. Enjoy!

Andrew and Brooke ( aka Harold Hill and Mrs. Shinn) 

Two of our younger members of this awesome group

All the guys got is Jimmy with his :)
Tommy had the best mustache though! Hands down!

Emma Fisher and I during a dress rehearsal 

My hair done by Brooke

braided side bun! I loved it!

Flowers I got from family and friends! Love them all

Me, Rebecca, Katie and Miriam
 Funny story for this next picture, David had a black speck in his teeth and I let him use my phone camera to see it...but unknown to him I was taking oictures of him doing it....hahahahahaha, I am so evil!
sorry (ish) David! 

Waverly and I

Waverly showing David how to tie a bowtie

funny pic!

Thomas, Jeremy and Waverly

Mini group pic!  

David and his caterpillar mustache 

Waverly and his different colored mustache...did not match his head hair at all :)

Jimmy and I after our last night of performing. hanging out with everyone at McDonald's 

A dozen red roses from my sweet daddy
These are just some of the MANY pictures I have from this drama production. I have to say that this was probably my favorite play to have ever had the privilege to take a part of. Thank you Mrs. Landry, our wonderful director for choosing this fantastic play for our graduating group!


  1. What fun! I myself have been in a musical, just recently and it is so sad when it is over! but the friendships you have made will last a lifetime! :D

    1. that's awesome! What musical were you in? it is very sad but what you said it true,those friendships I made will last a lifetime! :)

    2. I was in the orchestral pit of a local production of Oooooooooooklahoma! I made some blog posts about it! :D I have cherished all the friendships I made, even with the conductor! XD

    3. That's awesome! What instrument do you play? I play the piano, but very poorly (Because I would not take the time to practice :)) I have never seen Oklahoma, but its on my list. That is awesome!