Thursday, May 15, 2014

Senior Pictures!

So I am a Senior and will be graduating in June of this year! My good friend Savannah, is an amazing photographer and when I asked her to take my senior pictures she agreed right away. She took two pictures for my graduation program and then a week later we went to Sailor's Creek, which is 10 minutes away from us, and she took some amazing shots of me! (FYI, Sailor's Creek is where the last battle of the Civil War took there are some pretty cool buildings to take pictures at. The place we took mine at was a house that served as a hospital during the Civil War)

yes, I put a buttercup on the cannon :)

This is the headshot I'm using for my invites and all that jazz

Isn't she talented?! I love her style! She is a lot of fun to have your pictures done with :)

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  1. I agree! She is talented...but then she also had a GREAT subject to work with!!! :-)