Thursday, June 12, 2014

Wedding, Graduation, New Job, and College

Life has been pretty busy since the last 2 weeks of May. My older sister, Maddie got married to Saunder on May 31, 2014. It was the biggest wedding party that I've been apart of. 13 bridesmaids plus 2 jr bridesmaids. So 15 in all..... 12 grromsmen, 4 ring bearers, 4 flowergirls and only 1 Bride and Groom :)

It was an outside wedding in Glenn Allan at a historic tavern, it was very beautiful but hot.... :) We mustered through tho. The reception was lovely and I caught the bridal bouquet...It was kinda funny because I am technically the next girl to get married in my family. My dad came up to me and said "I just got done paying for one wedding, wait a couple of years before you tie the knot" :p

Then one week after the wedding, this past saturday, I graduated from high school!!!!!! I graduated with 26 other homeschoolers (I knew 22 of them) and it was a blast. We each had a tale with pictures of our lives, and stuff from our lives that we displayed any way we wanted too. Us graduates had a flash mob and sang "My Lighthouse" By Rend Collective. It turned out amazing! before we got our "diplomas" (A blank sheet of paper rolled up into a scroll :))   they would call us by our full names and we would stand up, go to the center of the stage where our parents would meet us, they would hand us our scroll then we'd step down as a 30 second slide show of us played. During the slideshow one of our parents had a voice over going with the slideshow. My dad's was the best. He made me laugh and cry! I love my daddy!

Then this week on Tuesday I started a part time job at a post office in Farmville. Its called Midtown Mailboxes and they fax, print posters, pictures, ship boxes, postal mail...just about everything :) And then yesterday I started college! I am taking a public speaking summer class and I really am enjoying it! I'm the youngest person in the class and am the only one who was homeschooled :) So that's my update! and now for some pictures!!!!

 Maddie had a rough time getting into that mermaid fun to watch :)
 Do you know how hard it is to put suspenders on a baby?? Zach and Amy found out :) 

 Me before the wedding and Steph and Chloe before the wedding 

 Zach and his family, and Ruthie keeping an eye on Isaiah

 Gideon, Tirzah and Chloe! Chloe wasn't too happy about being a flower girl and in the end walked down with her mommy :) (I made the wreath that Tirzah is wearing , I had to make 4)

 Part of my bouquet and Tirzah got her nails down the day before the wedding...a hot pink color :) 
 Me and my cousins! left to right: , Olivia, Jessi (Martha's boyfriend), Martha, Aunt Pat (My mom's twin), Uncle John, Sarah, Anthony (Sarah's fiancee) and me! Loved seeing them all. they came all the way from New York for the wedding
 The HUGE wedding party...all us bridesmaids had different style dresses and different shades of blue

Tirzah and her nails :)

Then we have Amy and Beth before the wedding...two of my 3 pregnant sisters :)

 So I graduated with Rebecca (Left) and Natalie (Far Right). Next to me is my BEEAUTIFUL friend Megan, who's grandma took this pic and the one of Megan and I :)


 Me and my BFFFFFF :) I love Kory! And then Natalie, Kory and I  :)

 My brother, Johnny, came for the whole graduation! I miss him a lot so that was the best thing ever!

 Jeremy, me, Tommy and Tyler. I graduated with these weirdos :)
Rebecca, me and Kayla :)

Katie, me and Anna :) Graduated with both and have known them since I was like 5 :)

This is a picture of some of those I graduated with from when we were tiny and in co-op...I am on the far left in a blue dress

 Kallie, me and Jeremy! Known them since I was 5 too :)^^                       Kory, Tyler and I

 My daddy and I after I graduated :) Love him so much
 Me in my cap and gown with my "diploma"  :)

 Me, Chloe and Tirzah after the graduation...yes Chloe is picking her nose... :)
 Chloe just wants to drive!!!!!!

So that's it for this post!!!!! Hope you enjoyed it! 


  1. Oh, wow! Congratulations!
    Much love!

  2. Awesome! Congrats! Glad everything is going well. Oh, and as a tip for CST 100 (I'm guessing that's what you're taking?), make sure your outlines are full APA style. My teacher would mark off a lot if they weren't just right :)

    1. Thanks Matthew! Congrats on Graduating too! yeah, that's the class I'm taking. Who was your teacher? thanks for the tips!

    2. Thank you! My teacher was Deana Villani, who's yours?

    3. Joanne Horton. She's really awesome and sweet!