Thursday, July 10, 2014

The 4th of July!

So last week my dad, mom, 4 younger siblings and I drove out to Roanoke to spend the night at my sister, Stephanie's house with her family. We went up to the mountain they live on and went to the overview where you could see for MILES AND MILES or Roanoke. From up there we could see 5 or 6 firework shows going on at the same time which was awesome! We went to Steph's house where I met my early birthday present, Espresso. She is a 10 week old beagle puppy and I love her!!!!!!! Then on Saturday we drove out to a park in Roanoke where my WHOLE family gathered (Except for Johnny cuz he was studying... ). We ate, the guys went and played disk golf and tennis, while the women (and girls) sat down and relaxed. Miriam, Ruthie and I watched my 5 nieces and nephews. We played on the playground, the swings and in the creek. It was a lot of fun and I am so glad my whole family (Minus Johnny sadly) was there together. Ok, now I will post some pictures of that weekend! enjoy!


Miriam and Chloe

Gideon and I

Getting ready to go to the park

Chloe and I

Tirzah and Espresso

Gideon, Matthew and I

"Smile Chloe!!!"

He wanted the whole bowl of watermelon 

Three cousins playing in the creek!

"Smile Tirzah!!!"

Gideon always holds his shorts up :)

Asher and I

Pops and Asher

"Lets go swing with the cousins!"

swinging with Gideon!!!

Isaiah swinging

Sisters talking, Mom braiding hair :)

Then Chloe joined the group

Due in less than a month and already having some contractions!

She was wiped out

very tired Espresso

Beth and I!

"Wake up Presso! (They can't say ESpresso :)

Trying to hold the puppy

My little Legolas!

He wants to come home with us!

Well that's it! I had so much fun and hope we do it again real soon!


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