Monday, July 28, 2014

VBS Week at Church

So this past week my church had VBS. The theme was choosing God's way and although we only had 27 kids come it turned out to be a great week. 2 kids made professions of faith, which was amazing!
We did miss several of our good friends who had helped out with our VBS for many years. I missed, Jonathan, Sarah and Daniel Murdock, Betty and Sweety Thimothi, Avery Derozier, and Matthew, Noah (aka Cripple) and Elizabeth "working" with us! But it's all good. We replaced them with Adam, Jane and 3 cousins of Jane. JUST KIDDING. We could never replace you guys!!!!

I was helping out with crafts, and games durin VBS which was a lot of fun! So here are some pictures from this week!

Miriam had an accident lol

Mr. Murdock doing the teaching

Everyone wanted to answer the questions to get a piece of candy :)

They thought it was funny to take a selfie with me while I was asleep for 3 hours on Friday

I tripped on a nail when pulled into our pool. Thankfully its healing

VBS is exhausting 

A birthday present from my awesome friends Anne and Josh

Mr. and Mrs. Murdock! Mr. M does the VBS teaching

Miriam helping True and Darby with crafts

Anne, our craft leader

The helpers: Left to right: Jane, Miriam, Adam, Me and Laura

Taking down Arrow Island

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