Tuesday, August 26, 2014

God's Not Dead (2014)

So earlier this month my dad bought the movie "God's Not Dead". I had heard so much about it, seen the trailer, and read reviews on it so I was excited to see it.
Here's a brief summery of the movie:

College student, Josh Wheaten starts a philosophy class and is demanded by his professor, who is an atheist, to write three words, "God is Dead". Josh, who is a Christian, tells his professor that as a Christian that he can not write those three words. Professor Radisson then requires Josh to prove that God is not dead and have a debate with him. The rest of the class is then told that they will be the judges and will decide who is right, Josh or Professor Radisson. The rest of the movie is focused on Josh as he researches and relies on God to help show his professor and classmates the truth about God's existence. The movie also shows several other Christians who are struggling with their family and standing up for their belief.

When I started watching it I could relate to Josh as a college student struggling. As I have already done and college class and am doing 3 more I am understanding that I will have to stand up for my faith. This movie encouraged me so much. It shows how God will reward us and make us stringer when we obey Him no matter what the consequences. This movie has definitely helped me become stronger and I would encourage everyone to see it!

There is no language in this movie

Sexual Content:
a little cleavage is shown and a it is implied that a couple is living together.

Violent content:
In one scene a girl's father hits her and drags her outside by her hair. And in another scene a man gets hit by a car and you can see blood

I give this movie 10 out of 10 stars. It was well cast and the acting was amazing! Please go watch it :)

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