Friday, October 10, 2014

August and September 2014

sooooo...the month of September has come and is that possible??? October is here, the weather is getting cooler and I don't want to bring out my winter clothes!!

But I guess I need to share pictures from August and here I go

So my mom, dad, Miriam, Matthew, Benji and Ruthie went to the beach in August and I couldn't go because of school and work so I stayed with my second family, the Banton's for a week :)

Fun and games

I helped Savannah do some wood burning...a lot of fun...seriously 

We found a mustache while cleaning Kayla's room and put it to use

Baby shower!!!!

Flowers sent to my mom from a dear friend

My friend, Leah's dog :)

Isn't our God amazing???

Chilling out at a cafe

Kayla is now in Oregon at Ecola Bible college, to help her get there we had a fundraiser pancake supper...this is how we get ready....

Went to support some Chinese friends while they did a moon festival, they acted out the legend and sang for us and how to write "moon" in Chinese

Maddie finally posted wedding pics!!!!

My sister, Stephanie, had her 4th kid early August, Caleb Lee Shelor. He was 10lbs and is even bigger

Gideon, Tirzah and I

Went and saw my friend, Natalie at Liberty!

funny nephew, Isaiah

Awesome nephew, Asher



Then my sister-in-law, Amy Joy had her second son 12 days ago. Henry David Foster!

not even 12 hours old when I first saw him

Last time seeing Kayla before she left for Ecola last week

Asher spent a couple of days with us last week to give his mommy a rest

And as always...Johnny being my bro

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